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Welcome to our little slice of life where our family cultivates beautiful aromatic lavender on our very own farm to make a range of wonderful goods including skin essentials and soaps. Our products are made with organically grown lavender that has been planted and harvested in a clean and eco-friendly manner. Located right in the heart of Arizona, our flourishing lavender plants make for the perfect relaxing balm, butter, oil, or soap.

Organic Lavender Products

Why Choose Montagne Vue Lavender Farm?

Lavender has been used for centuries to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and promote sleep. This is because of the chemical linalool found in lavender oil. It has been proven that lavender aromatherapy is beneficial for the skin and can be used as a natural remedy to heal minor burns or cuts.

We are a family-owned company that is passionate about organic lavender skin care goods. We grow and harvest lavender on our own farm, so we know exactly where our ingredients come from and how we are processed. All of our products are made with organic ingredients and oils, so you can feel confident that you’re using some of the best possible solutions for your skin. Lavender is a powerful plant because of its many benefits. It is known for its calming and soothing properties which can be helpful for people who have sensitive skin. The essential oils are also great for moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Clean & Responsible Ingredients

We use organic, sustainable, and locally grown lavender in our goods to provide our customers with a relaxing experience.

We also use natural ingredients such as shea butter, sunflower oil, and coconut oil which are all great for your skin. We take proper care of our lavender bushes meaning we avoid the use of harmful pesticides and GMOs. All of our lavender is grown naturally right here on our family-owned farm. We wouldn’t sell anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

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Organic Lavender Products
Organic Lavender Products

I have ordered several products from Montagne Vue Lavender Farm and I am really enjoying them. They are high quality products and the prices are more than fair! Their representatives are extremely knowledgeable and very professional. The entire process, from ordering to getting the shipment, was fast and easy (and in todays climate, that's a PLUS in my book). I will definitely be ordering more! Thank you Montagne Vue Lavender Farms!

Cherie Garland

Organic Lavender Products

There are no other lavender companies on the market that compare to Montagne Vue Lavender products. The foot balm has healed up my dry skin on my feet. I've tried so many lip balms over the years. I do a lot of Zoom calls throughout the week which dry up my lips, but Montagne's Vue lip balm helps keep my lips nourished and hydrated. I also love their soap which has a pleasant lavender smell. So many lavender soaps I've tried, either have a fake smell or unpleasant smell. This one is just right!

Lisa Lewis

Organic Lavender Products

Montagne Vue Lavender Farm has taught me quite a bit about the benefits and uses for lavender. From lip balms to massage oils they have it all. I particularly enjoy the foot balm. The foot balm helps rehydrate my dry cracked feet and gives me quite a bit of relief. The bar soaps that are available at Montagne Vue Lavender Farm are also great. They smell great and do not leave your skin dry after a shower. I recommend them to anyone.

Jaegar Gain

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